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Vi har alla våra olika åsikter om vad vi tycker om olika golfbanor. Att läsa andras kommentarer eller recensioner kan hjälpa oss att fatta ett beslut, om man skall spela en bana eller inte. Detta kan även vara intressant information att läsa av rent intresse. Nedan kan du läsa om vad våra kunder tycker om vissa banor. Om du inte tycker som de andra är du mycket välkommen att berätta vad du tycker om dessa banor eller om du har någon annan bana du vill tycka till om. All information är intressant för oss för att göra vår service bättre på att förmedla golfbanor till våra nya och gamla kunder. Text kan förekomma på Engelska.

1170 recensioner av golfbanor i Spanien, Portugal och på Cypern (senaste 2 åren).

Santana golf spelad: 2022-01-26

very good greens and fairways, the bunkers had different sandquality in different bunkers,in some bunkers sand was like gravel and in other bunkers sand was like beachsand and it made it hard to paly bunkers. But over all a good layout and nice reception from staff."

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Mijas Lagos golf spelad: 2022-01-25

Very good fairways! Supernice golf course." - Lars

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Anfi Tauro golf spelad: 2022-01-24

it was good but they can not send people out at the same time we just had to wait for each hole got no game flow"

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Almenara golf spelad: 2022-01-23

Very difficult course but,very nice course" - Thierry

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La Quinta golf spelad: 2022-01-23

Amazing Views. Fast Greens. Fair Course for every Handicap. During Winterseason, Card is not recomended. I come back" - Tommy Big

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Añoreta golf spelad: 2022-01-23

It was a nice course, the fairways and greens are good." - Harm

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Los Flamingos golf spelad: 2022-01-21

Tees are not in good condition, heavily sanded and uneven. Fairways have many areas of unwanted grass in places leading to unfair poor lies, preferred lies should be mandatory. Greens are very good but are suffering from the usual problem of players not repairing pitch marks. Some bunkers would benefit from more sand and, although rakes are plentiful, players are not raking them after play. Generally very good despite the above. There was no ranger on course so play was unnecessarily slow at times. The group two holes in front actually had a boombox in their buggy and played loud music going round the course. This was a new experience. Having played and enjoyed this course many times, the current overall condition is not the best that it can be."

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Marbella Golf Country Club golf spelad: 2022-01-20

Quite a difficult course specially the first 9 holes and ‘t was very nice to play there again on the old course ! View is marvelous" - The golfer

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Doña Julia golf spelad: 2022-01-20

The course is excellent but the clubhouse is misserable. Fairways and greens are in very good conditions" - Harm

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Atalaya Old golf spelad: 2022-01-20

Faiways in very good condition. Approach to greens challaging but all in all top course"

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La Finca golf spelad: 2022-01-20

The course is always challenging and the work being done on the course is is good and will enhance it. A couple of course rangers to help move groups on would be welcome. €40 for the buggy is too much€30 is more than enough. The paths were uneven and bumpy"

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Azata golf spelad: 2022-01-20

Die ersten 9 Bahnen sind doch schwierig,die zweiten 9 sind gut zu spielen, ."

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Estepona golf spelad: 2022-01-19

This course is nog my favorite, the buggies are old and not enviromental proof. The paths near the fairways are old and bumpy. In my opinion a couple of years ago This course was better." - Harm

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Rio Real golf spelad: 2022-01-18

Sämsta vi spelat på golfkusten."

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Alferini golf spelad: 2022-01-17

VERY CHALLENGING GOLF COURSE could be better maintain " - thierry

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Los Naranjos golf spelad: 2022-01-17

Bestigit layout. In good condition," - Salomonsson Mats

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MasPalomas golf spelad: 2022-01-17

Very well maintained. Nice course. Flat landscape. " - Erik

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El Paraiso golf spelad: 2022-01-16

Nice course could be better maintained" - Thierry

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Zagaleta Hidden Trees (New) golf spelad: 2022-01-12

Difficult but great course to play." - Ivan

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Atalaya New golf spelad: 2022-01-11

A little worn - but ok to play. Tees not good —fairway average. Greens good." - TorbenG

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La Noria golf spelad: 2022-01-10

Ein grauenhaftenr Platz. Erstens viel Wasser und zweitens ein total ungepflegter Platz. Die Fairways waren trocken und meistens ohne Gras.Ich würde das gar nicht einen Golfplatz nennen, sondern einen Golfacker. Das Greenfee ist natürlich sehr niedrig, aber für 9 Loch golfen und nur ärgern dann doch zu teuer. Einmal und nie wieder!!!Über das sogenannte Clubhaus und das Essen sowie die Bedienung lohnt sich kein Kommentar!!! Alles einfach indiskutabel!!!" - Von der Beeck

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Cabopino golf spelad: 2022-01-10

To narrow and to sloopy. Beautiful scenery. Poor condition on tee and fairways .Excellent greens . Good value for money." - Johan

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Valle Romano golf spelad: 2022-01-09

Nice and difficult course."

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Golfdelsur golf spelad: 2022-01-08

The organisation for tee times is terrible, we played the course twice in 4 days, and after a big mix up the first time, with players not wanting to arrange with the starters, we were pushed behind after having received the suggestion to split up as a couple because 6 players insisted on wanting to play as a three ball each. Todays without notice even at reception when checking in, we were moved from 1130 to 1138. We have full respect that not everyone’s has played golf for long, but to be teamed up with someone who started the game a very few months ago is simply not fair, normally there is some control as to whether players have a basic ability of the game, but having to wait for someone hitting 15 to 20 times on a single hole is not enticing. We feel extremely unhappy as this eventually hampers with one’s own game. Course is in very good condition and greens are at great speed which would be fun, but just having to wait as the other player is being mentored is just too much. The people were a very nice couple, but her ability should not take her to a course…." - tcswede

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Font del Llop golf spelad: 2022-01-07

Great course even if the is never a flat piece of ground to play off. Holes are challenging and the greens even in January were fast what they would be like in July is hard to imagine." - Ray from Germany

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Calanova golf spelad: 2022-01-07

Great clubhouse with good food. Playable course and greens jn good condition. It was a shame many of the challenging and interesting yellow tees had been moved forward too much. The remodelled 18th was a bit of a let down since it was far more interesting as a par 4." - LLGS founding member

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Chaparral golf spelad: 2022-01-07

Skriver på Svenska. Trång och svår bana första gången man spelar där. Överlag fina greener och fairways. Tyvärr dåligt spel tempo men det är inte någon nyhet i Spanien är tyvärr väldigt ofta väldigt dåligt speltempo och spelare på banorna har dåligt golf vett. Sen var det lite strul med golf bilar men det löste sig." - Ulf Gahne

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Parador de Malaga golf spelad: 2022-01-07

Variation in lay out of the course is not so high The ranch is not open until 9:00 and we had start time 9:00. so we could not warm up. The kiosk was not open and you must get to Hotell to get coffee in the morning"

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Marbella Club Resort golf spelad: 2022-01-07

Amazing beautyfull course. Perhaps the most difficult i’ve ever played."

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Alicante golf spelad: 2022-01-06

A really good challenge of a golf course with an interesting arrangement of 6 par 3, 6 par 4 and 6 par 5 holes designed by Seve. Would recommend this to all golfers just take someone who knows the way from each hole to the next as it is spread inside a housing community." - Ray from Germany

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Torrequebrada golf spelad: 2022-01-06

Very good condition fast greens"

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El Plantio golf spelad: 2022-01-05

Good course but today was very windy so hard to really assess, but enjoyed the round anyway"

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Santa Maria golf spelad: 2022-01-03

Play was really slow and we didn’t play the last 4 holes as a result"

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La Cala America golf spelad: 2021-12-31

Nice course. Good greens. Course design really good. Caddy master not sympatic and profesional at all."

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La Cala Europa golf spelad: 2021-12-30

nice views … spectacular holes … definitly take a golfcar!!!"

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Baviera golf spelad: 2021-12-27

Very well kept course. Really enjoy playing his course. It offers challenge but is suitable for all levels. My only complaint is that the play is very slow. Every time I have played which is many the play has always been very slow." - Angela Conboy

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Salobre Old (South) golf spelad: 2021-12-27

Few things were okay with this visit. #The course overall in really bad condition. #Narrow fairways and rollercoaster layout. #The driving ranch and putting green were closed. #12 Euros for one trolly??!! Overall: paying around 120 euros was extremely overpriced. Sorry to say it! " - Hasse

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Villamartin golf spelad: 2021-12-27

Good fairwais and greens. Terrible waist areas and parts of the rough. We visided the driving range. Never seen a worse range. I have played over 200 courses i Europe. The range in Villamartin is a joke. Balls filthy and bad. The rugs total disaster. We paid money for this fiasko. Do never visit this range!" - Stefan

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Lo Romero golf spelad: 2021-12-26

Mycket bra skick på greenerna, okej/bra skick på fairways."

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Meloneras golf spelad: 2021-12-25

Plesant day! Nice course. Good condition. Overall a course to recommend. The only downside is that it is a bit expensive." - Hasse H

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San Roque New golf spelad: 2021-12-14

Course not in the best condition this time of year"

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Sotogrande golf spelad: 2021-12-09

Friendly staff received us . The course appeared with almost perfect conditions with very fast greens. A lot of wind the day we played made it difficult. Used less than 4 hour on the round" - Pekka

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Los Arqueros golf spelad: 2021-12-07

Quite challenging first time - better next rounds. Rather small greens and fast. Hilly and narrow. Ensure to have enough balls with you." - VG

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Santa Clara golf spelad: 2021-12-04

The course have som blind hole, so we lost some balls" - John

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Finca Cortesin golf spelad: 2021-11-30

Excelent course, expensive ? Everything you can want."

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El Higueral golf spelad: 2021-11-29

as always relaxes, fast greens a nice place also for every handycap" - Eddy Rauch

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La Manga South golf spelad: 2021-11-25

Plenty of challenge on this flat course. Water, huge bunkers, trees, but generally wide fairways. It was a pleasure to play. Lovely views too."

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Mijas Olivos golf spelad: 2021-11-24

Very good course and nice restaurant." - PG

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La Sella golf spelad: 2021-11-23

Poor weather over the previous nights had left the course waterlogged and virtually unplayable. The course should have been closed" - Bob golf holiday

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Villaitana-Levante golf spelad: 2021-11-22

Well laid out and challenging" - Bobs golf holiday

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La Manga North golf spelad: 2021-11-21

Good course but greens were hairy and under treatment. Played on Sunday and bunkers were hard from the rain and no greenkeepers on Sundays. Otherwise very nice. Friendly and helpful staff."

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La Reserva golf spelad: 2021-11-17

Good layout but the condition was terrible. Some amazing holes layour wise and some quite bland holes. Shame about the overall condition though"

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Lisbon Sports Club golf spelad: 2021-11-16

Nice old course" - jos den Otter

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Alhaurín golf spelad: 2021-11-16

Very good course (Good Plus/Excellent minus) well worth the drive into the mountains, and subsequent stop off in Mijas (very pretty). Buggy a must due to the hills and some cracking holes especially the par 3s. Great that it has survived lockdowns and was wetter on the ground than we expected (perhaps the hills/cloud help). We didn't use the clubhouse opting for Mijas instead. Will definitely play again" - Guy Deatker

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Praia del rey golf spelad: 2021-11-14

Beautiful course next to the sea. Great views and greens very fast." - Jos den Otter

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Pestana Gramacho golf spelad: 2021-11-14

Another pretty and skilfully designed course amongst hills and olive groves, with many undulating fairways, elevated tees or greens,!and some water in play. Nevertheless enjoyable also for mid to high handicappers. Buggy recommended." - Alan

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Miraflores golf spelad: 2021-11-13

Greens in bad condition and very bus with slow players" - ReVer

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West Cliffs golf spelad: 2021-11-13

What a course!! We played there with 8 and the highest score was 30. It is a wonderfull course, beautifull views but difficult. On some fairways you think you are there with your tee off but lost ball??" - Jos den Otter

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La Cañada golf spelad: 2021-11-12

Fairways är lite torra och brända till viss del (21-11-12). Men det påverkar inte mycket. Fint skick på green och dess närområden. Bra greener som man måste vara noggranna med. Detta är en bana som är utmanande och rolig att spela. Jag gillar att gå runt banan och det fungerar utan bekymmer att göra på Canada. Trevligt bemötande och hjälpsamt av golf personalen. Bra träningsytor. En golfkrog som är välsorterad. Det är också en klubb som har en trevlig social stämning. Vilket syns på träningsaktiviteter bl.a Jag har spelat här två gånger och gör det sannolikt flera gånger till." - Göran

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Costa Adeje golf spelad: 2021-11-12

Banan är spektakulär och unik i sin layout och karaktär, samt fantastiskt vacker. Den är tämligen lång har utmärkt kvalitet på allt, tee, fairway, waistland, bunkrar och greener. Greenerna kräver ett särskilt omnämnande, 10+ i stimp, ger mycket svåra puttar, på dessa greener, som ibland förefaller helt plana, men där lurar man sig! Vissa greener är ondulerade och har flera nivåer, vilket kräver en hel del av den som ska putta. En svår bana, men mycket spelvärd, för sin höga kvalitet." - HOL

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San Roque Old golf spelad: 2021-11-11

In very good shape, diffucult and challenging with fast greens. Beautiful surroundings, good facilities, nice and friendly staff. Recommended." - Paal Bucher

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Las Americas golf spelad: 2021-11-10

Banan har bra layout, med varierande hål, enkla-svåra, långa-korta och det är lätt att hitta bollarna på de flesta ställen även utanför fairway. Tyvärr var greenerna alldeles för mjuka, vilket gjorde att det blev tufsigt på green, efter varje sko och djupa nedslagsmärken, vilka tyvärr oftast inte var lagade, så jag har aldrig lagat så mycket märken per runda som här. Flera bunkrar var vattenskadade och inte nykrattade och med hård yta"

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Pestana Vale da Pinta golf spelad: 2021-11-09

Pretty undulating course with many tree and bunker hazards. elevated tees or greens, and blind tee shots. So tactical play is necessary with accurate placement of the ball if you are to score low. Greens were dry and fast, and fairly flat." - Alan

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Campoamor golf spelad: 2021-11-07

Reviews were not great but course was in good condition and green were in good condition. We enjoyed playing only other golfers needs to use pitch forks." - Jeroen De Haas

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Granada golf spelad: 2021-11-07

Wonderful views, excellent service, course in good condition."

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Las Colinas golf spelad: 2021-11-06

Nice place and course. Greens, fairways and tee boxes are all in good shape."

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Guadalmina North golf spelad: 2021-11-06

There was some confusion with the starter and our tee time. Finally our tee time was 20 mins. later than it should have been. One reason was that there was som “ members who were pros” that had to go before us. Not nice for us paying tourists. The course was in very good shape" - Marica

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Pestana Alto golf spelad: 2021-11-06

Again a scenically nice course, characterised by fairly narrow, fir-tree-lined fairways which mostly dogleg one way or another, and some blind tee shots. Greens mostly sloping with some undulation so 3-putts were common for us! Good clubhouse facilities." - Alan

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Alenda golf spelad: 2021-11-04

Course is in great shape staff very friendly." - Jeroen De Haas

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Montecastillo golf spelad: 2021-11-04

The girl in the golf reception needs education in service and customer care. Apart from that we had 4 nice days at the Hotel/club. First day we were not allowed to drive buggies on the golf Course which was a disapointment. 90 degrees in and out would have been reasonable due to the condition of the golf course."

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Vistabella golf spelad: 2021-11-03

Vert good golf course, good service. The only negative was lack of sand in some of the bunkers."

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La Torre golf spelad: 2021-11-02

Overall a good course, marks on some of the greens, but it didn’t effect the putting."

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Hacienda Riquelme golf spelad: 2021-10-30

The shape is not good yet. So give it some month so it can come back as it was. But the layout is not so many courses in Spain who beats My rating is how it should be!!!" - Niklas Åberg

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El Valle golf spelad: 2021-10-30

Hugely disappointing ... one of our favourite settings ... the greens however were very poor ... diseased and bumpy and nothing like past years."

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Minthis golf spelad: 2021-10-28

Well designed course lay out with some spectacular Tee shots, like No. 10. Great views into the valleys surrounding Minths Hills. Fast greens but unfortunately poor grass conditions on the fairways. " - Peer

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Rompido South golf spelad: 2021-10-27

Bunkers in terrible conditions, fairways not to good, greens in good stapeln."

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Lauro golf spelad: 2021-10-27

The course was in exelent condition"

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Secret Valley golf spelad: 2021-10-27

With the exemption of Minthis, which we habe not played yet, SV is the most challenging course in the Paphos area. Very good greens, which contain a single grass. The bunkers are well placed and mostly contain a good sand mix. Sometimes there is a bit too little sand which gives you a hard surface. Very friendly staff all around. Another highlight is the halfway house with grilled sausages. Very recommendable, challenging golf course." - PG8 - Mo‘zart of Golf

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Alcaidesa Heathland golf spelad: 2021-10-26

Another quirky course but fun to play. Course condition not too bad fairly typical of most courses on the Costa. Lovely views. A course that’s not too difficult. Strong winds can hinder and help massively.Buggy well recommended as long gaps between holes and very hilly in parts. Friendly staff. Good value if playing later in the day." - Spiggy

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Magna Marbella golf spelad: 2021-10-23

Great par 3 course but a little tricky. We will surley play this course again." - Sabina Zachl

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Aphrodite Hills golf spelad: 2021-10-23

Challanging course especially the greens very different to Uk . Very fast and deceptive . All staff very friendly and Marshals were very encouraging" - Nitesh

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Bendinat Real Club golf spelad: 2021-10-22

kalleanka bana"

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Pula golf spelad: 2021-10-20

Fairway excellent Greens excellent " - August Kullberg

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La Cala Asia golf spelad: 2021-10-11

Nice course, nice enviroment and nice hotel and restuarants." - PG

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Cerrado del Aguila golf spelad: 2021-10-09

Nice people nice view nice day. Nice to be back." - CP 46

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Guadalhorce golf spelad: 2021-10-08

Excellent condition" - Harryb

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La Serena Murcia golf spelad: 2021-10-08

Good restaurant and recieving in proshop. A little difficult to find the way too tees especially on the last three holes!" - Tomas Andersson

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Hacienda del Alamo golf spelad: 2021-10-08

Good condition. Restaurant only serving drinks." - Victor

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Roda golf spelad: 2021-10-07

But we needed to cancel after 16 holes due to dark." -

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Dom Pedro Old golf spelad: 2021-10-07

User friendly. Well laid out and in excellent condition. Buggy recommended."

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Dom Pedro Victoria golf spelad: 2021-10-06

This is a big course with some difficult holes on the back 9. Very challenging but a pleasure to play such a great course."

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Dom Pedro Millennium golf spelad: 2021-10-04

Long walks from greens to tees on front 9. Buggy recommended. Otherwise course was very good."

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Casares golf spelad: 2021-10-04

Nice surroundings, nice staff, reasonable price. The greens were in terrible condition, the bunkers had no sand at all. The Par 5 #7 is practically unplayable but we knew that before."

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Guadalmina South golf spelad: 2021-09-28

Hej Vi spelade den norra banan. - vi saknade banguide, fanns inget vid tee heller som visade hur respektive hål var. - alla greener var "nypipade" och dressade. Anser att greenfeen var för hög när greenerna var i detta skick. -skyltningen till nästa tee var otydlig på vissa ställen. Totalt en besvikelse till detta pris. " - Per-Olof Andersson

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Valderrama golf spelad: 2021-09-27

The condition was not any special, first green not good and the rest only ok for this level of course. Fairways fine but not super fine. Not a 360€ course today anyway." - Leif

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Las Ramblas golf spelad: 2021-09-25

Good fairway Good green Good tee"

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Mar Menor golf spelad: 2021-09-24

Course was good apart from we had booked a buggy for 2nd day then told on the day it was booked for someone else, chalky bunkers spoil the course."

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Son Vida golf spelad: 2021-09-11

The course was not very well presented. Everything seemed a bit tired. It is very tight and hilly. On the day we played, there were no buggies available for our tee time so we set out walking with trollies. Buggies were brought to us on the second hole. We did not know at that stage that we simply would not have been physically able to walk the course."

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T Golf Country Club Poniente golf spelad: 2021-09-10

The course was in excellent condition from tee to green , everything presented exceptionally well. My playing partners and I would highly recommend it."

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Capdepera golf spelad: 2021-09-05

Tyvärr tryter nog pengarna, då banan är under all kritik. Mjuka men klart godkända greener. Ett plus till en trevlig svensk i receptionen, och ett mysigt klubbhus." - Anders Nimmerfelt

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Son Servera golf spelad: 2021-09-04

Bra kondition på banan, men den är rätt smal på vissa hål." - Anders Nimmerfelt

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Salinas de Antigua golf spelad: 2021-09-03

Greens and surrounding areas looked good but were extremely slow. Fairways average and dry in places. The black volcanic gravel is not a free drop and damages clubs. Clubhouse was nice and food brilliant. Buggy paths were hard to follow and signage to next tees was poor."

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Fuerteventura golf spelad: 2021-08-31

No clubhouse house facilities as hotel was closed, fairways were barren in places with poor grass and weeds. Bunkers were full of stones and sand was crusty and in raked. The lady in the shop, Suzanne, was there excellent though."

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Son Gual golf spelad: 2021-08-03

Perfect confition" - Anders Silkisberg

Läs mer om Son Gual golfbana här »

Estoril golf spelad: 2021-07-27

Banan är i toppskick, supersnabba greener. Runt om kring vägar skyltar är ganska slitet. Först nio är roligast." - Stiken

Läs mer om Estoril golfbana här »

La Duquesa golf spelad: 2021-07-26

Tee boxes and fairways were awfull, bunkers felt like concrete, greens mostly damaged. This course requires a lot of investment." - Ivan

Läs mer om La Duquesa golfbana här »

Oitavos Dunes golf spelad: 2021-07-26

Magisk bra bana, Links golf när den är som bäst." - Stiken

Läs mer om Oitavos Dunes golfbana här »

Son Quint golf spelad: 2021-07-24

Very Good course, Easy to find balls, as the rough was short. The course is in Good condition, even this is low session "

Läs mer om Son Quint golfbana här »

Andratx golf spelad: 2021-07-23

Interesting course Great layout Staff friendly Buggie a must although abit overpriced"

Läs mer om Andratx golfbana här »

Parador El Saler golf spelad: 2021-07-13

Perfect location. Great course preparation. Hole 6 and 18 are the most difficult ones." - Oriol

Läs mer om Parador El Saler golfbana här »

Montenmedio golf spelad: 2021-07-12

Lovely course, very quiet so felt like we were playing on our own. Quite long with par 3's of 200m or so. Course in good condition, but bunkers weren't up to much." - Dan

Läs mer om Montenmedio golfbana här »

Los Moriscos golf spelad: 2021-06-29

Amazing course and people"

Läs mer om Los Moriscos golfbana här »

Palmas Real Club golf spelad: 2021-06-10

we loved the ambiance and club feeling; well organized, friendly, helpful staff;the views are amazing; course was in great shape; we hope to return" - bob & welmoet

Läs mer om Palmas Real Club golfbana här »

Son Muntaner golf spelad: 2021-05-27

Very beautiful layout om a sunny day, had a buggy with gps that was very helpful. The greens were a bit slow for my taste, maybe because it's a resort course. However very recommended with good customer service." - Hans Lund, Sweden

Läs mer om Son Muntaner golfbana här »

San Lorenzo golf spelad: 2021-05-26

Well maintained, nice holes, good views on the Ocean on 6th and 7th holes" - Antoin

Läs mer om San Lorenzo golfbana här »

Quinta do Peru golf spelad: 2021-05-13

The course has a good hole diistribuition" - Rogelio

Läs mer om Quinta do Peru golfbana här »

Alcaidesa Links golf spelad: 2021-03-11

Very good" - Dav

Läs mer om Alcaidesa Links golfbana här »

Alcanada golf spelad: 2020-12-31

Its an awesome course! Nice views to the sea! Teeing of Next to the sea was also awesome! Service was Perfect." - Christian B

Läs mer om Alcanada golfbana här »

Vale do Lobo Royal golf spelad: 2020-11-27

Lovely course. The 16th is outstanding. Far superior to the ocean course." - James M

Läs mer om Vale do Lobo Royal golfbana här »

Pinheiros Altos golf spelad: 2020-11-07

Vi spelade oliv/pine vilket är två olika 9-hålare. Vi gick med vagn. Rekommenderar golfbil till pine vars bansträckning upplevs gå kors och tvärs och upp och ned med promenader mellan hålen som några i sällskapet ledsnade på. Allt fungerade klockrent på stället trots, eller på grund av, Corona. Nästan öde på banan. Restaurangen led nog av situationen och maten var rätt och slätt usel. Vi valde kyckling, vilket kanske var dumt. Jag vet inte." - Johnny H, Sverige

Läs mer om Pinheiros Altos golfbana här »

CS Salgados golf spelad: 2020-11-06

Helt ok bana. Eftersom Corona drabbat världen var vi ensamma på banan, vilket förmodligen inte kommer hända igen." - Johnny H

Läs mer om CS Salgados golfbana här »

Penina Championship Henry Cotton golf spelad: 2020-11-05

En åldrad tourbana som, om inget görs, sett sina bästa dagar. Något eftersatt underhåll på sajten, samt att greenerna drabbats av någon typ av angrepp drog ned intrycket. Greenerna kan såklart tillfriskna och bli helgröna igen." - Johnny H

Läs mer om Penina Championship Henry Cotton golfbana här »

La Marquesa golf spelad: 2020-10-14

Some of the greens were a disgrace, should not be played on until repairs undertaken. Some of the tees were well worn with no grass at all. Been going to this course for over 18 years but will not be returning any time soon. Not sure about the new layout as well??? Overall very disappointed. I told the Pro/Caddy Master and he just shrugged his shoulders, couldn't care less." - El Taff

Läs mer om La Marquesa golfbana här »

Bonalba golf spelad: 2020-10-11

We like the atmosphere at the course. The personal was taking care of us." - John

Läs mer om Bonalba golfbana här »

Granada Santa Clara golf spelad: 2020-10-08

The greens where very good but the fairways on many Holmes were very poor. "

Läs mer om Granada Santa Clara golfbana här »

Panoramica golf spelad: 2020-09-25

El estado del campo ha empeorado respecto a pasadas experiencias." - Jordi

Läs mer om Panoramica golfbana här »

Vale do Lobo Ocean golf spelad: 2020-09-09

Very nice golf especially the holes by the sea"

Läs mer om Vale do Lobo Ocean golfbana här »

Elea Estate golf spelad: 2020-03-10

Fairly open layout. Greens were very good. Made welcome by course management with good hints on how to tackle the layout. The last 3 holes are a good challenge. Fairly easy walking although the 16th is a bit of a climb." - Trevor

Läs mer om Elea Estate golfbana här »

Islantilla golf spelad: 2020-03-09

Very good course with some lovely holes and some tough holes - in good condition" - Drifters Golf Association

Läs mer om Islantilla golfbana här »

Valle Del Este golf spelad: 2020-03-08

Very picturesque and great facilities. Every hole interesting and a different type of challenge. Great risk & reward drivable par 4s. Greens were slick. A course you could play even on a bad golf day without getting too punished! A buggy an essential though" - Villaf Orlife

Läs mer om Valle Del Este golfbana här »

La Galiana golf spelad: 2020-03-02

Tyvärr blåste det nästan storm den dagen vi var där. Vi försökte att flytta speldagen men det fick vi inte utan att betala greenfee?"

Läs mer om La Galiana golfbana här »

Sevilla Real golf spelad: 2020-03-01

Great course in excellent shape, great green , a little more time should be better There wasn’t direction and hole design I can remember more than a hole, (9 and 18 ) Not difficult but not easy, just one hole I do not like the 15 could be done much better, probably some traps and tree are not in right place I couldn’t use buggy " - Marco rindi

Läs mer om Sevilla Real golfbana här »

La Estancia golf spelad: 2020-02-27

Angenehm überrascht über die Fairways und die Grüns ,guter Zustand, die Wege zu den Abschlägen könnte man verbessern aber das hat ja nichts mit dem Golfspiel zu tun,sondern lediglich wegen der Optik. Ein Marschall wäre auf der Runde ab und an sinnvoll, hatten leider 3 Flights a’4 alter Deutscher „Golfherren“vor uns, die uns die Spielfreude trübten.So entstehen dann Runden von fünfeinhalb Stunden! Aber es werden Entfernungsmessung vorgenommen,Rasenstücke wegen der Windverhältnisse hoch geworfen,2 Probegeschläge gemacht....und dann werden mit dem Driver 130 Meter Abschläge „fabriziert „" - Michael

Läs mer om La Estancia golfbana här »

Costa Ballena golf spelad: 2020-02-26

Nicht schlecht der Platz,macht Spaß zu spielen" - Michael

Läs mer om Costa Ballena golfbana här »

Zaudín Club golf spelad: 2020-02-25

Nice open fairways. Excellent greens. A bit long walk between some holes"

Läs mer om Zaudín Club golfbana här »

Salobre New (North) golf spelad: 2020-02-25

"Donaldduck corse"" - TJ

Läs mer om Salobre New (North) golfbana här »

El Bosque golf spelad: 2020-02-23

Despite the fact that the second 9 holes are under construction the first 9 are in perfect condition."

Läs mer om El Bosque golfbana här »

Mediterraneo golf spelad: 2020-02-21

Very nice course to play and would like to come back."

Läs mer om Mediterraneo golfbana här »

Tenerife Real golf spelad: 2020-02-19

Green prepared for a championship. Very beautiful and technical course. Michel"

Läs mer om Tenerife Real golfbana här »

Buenavista golf spelad: 2020-02-17

Course, view and countryside with océan view are at top"

Läs mer om Buenavista golfbana här »

Altorreal golf spelad: 2020-02-16

Challenging but doable. Well maintained golf course"

Läs mer om Altorreal golfbana här »

Amarilla golf spelad: 2020-01-20

Not the best course of Tenerife. The conditions of the course was not at its best. Many GUR on the fairways which were not in very good condition. Still enjoyed it however." - mauriziogolf

Läs mer om Amarilla golfbana här »

Dom Pedro Pinhal golf spelad: 2020-01-16

Very nice layout, a classic golf course. Tight fairways and many holes where you really need to think about your club selection. Course in good condition except the greens, which were really slow." - Immu

Läs mer om Dom Pedro Pinhal golfbana här »

Tecina golf spelad: 2020-01-16

We played 3 times and we liked the golf very much. The best was the views från every hole. The condition of the corses was good and quite easy. There is just one thing you shuld do better, the driving ranger was not so fun. The people who is working on the court, in the clubhouse... was very nice. We are very satisfied with our golf in Tecina Golfclub." - Sir Ulf

Läs mer om Tecina golfbana här »

Aloha golf spelad: 2019-12-29

un peu déçu des commentaires et articles classant aloha comme le meilleur golf espagne ... club house et environment top le parcours ne vaut pas vallderama sotogrande pga cathalunia ... un peu déçu ??" - harel

Läs mer om Aloha golfbana här »

Pestana Vila Sol golf spelad: 2019-11-08

Nice but the food is no good"

Läs mer om Pestana Vila Sol golfbana här »

Monte Rei North golf spelad: 2019-10-27

Fantastic golfcourse in beautiful nature. Every hole is unique. One of the best courses in southern Europe." - Flandry

Läs mer om Monte Rei North golfbana här »

Dom Pedro Laguna golf spelad: 2019-10-26

perfekt for oss"

Läs mer om Dom Pedro Laguna golfbana här »

Lanzarote golf spelad: 2019-10-25

Tees, fairway’s, greens, good* Rough —" - Fernando

Läs mer om Lanzarote golfbana här »

Aguilon golf spelad: 2019-10-23

buityfull landscape and a cource in good condition" - Bjarne Jeppesen

Läs mer om Aguilon golfbana här »

Playa Serena Almeria golf spelad: 2019-10-19

After playing bearbeta La Envia the day before serenas was a pleasant surprise. Good condition and a very friendly atmosphere." - HookoakGolfer

Läs mer om Playa Serena Almeria golfbana här »

La Monacilla golf spelad: 2019-10-17

Having read several reviews complaining about the poor condition of the course we were pleasantly surprised by the condition of the fairways and greens. Some outlying areas of greens were being reseeded and were GUR but this did not impinge. The course is not massively challenging but an enjoyable venue for all handicaps." - Tom

Läs mer om La Monacilla golfbana här »

Terramar golf spelad: 2019-10-08

Really a nice course, the rough was killing so you need to hit straight. Buggy is not a must but preferable." - Kjetil

Läs mer om Terramar golfbana här »

La Graiera golf spelad: 2019-10-07

Everything was bad the course should be closed." - Kjetil Austdal

Läs mer om La Graiera golfbana här »

Antequera golf spelad: 2019-09-28

Greens really bad lång distance beteende holes. Not coming back"

Läs mer om Antequera golfbana här »

Amendoeira O Connor Jnr golf spelad: 2019-09-27

every fairways with water very dificult for womans"

Läs mer om Amendoeira O Connor Jnr golfbana här »

Maioris golf spelad: 2019-09-27

I like the course very much. This time it was a Little weat on the greens ."

Läs mer om Maioris golfbana här »

Aroeira I golf spelad: 2019-09-22

Bit scruffy in places but generally in good condition. Greens were good and ran true. Customer service was fantastic all the staff were very helpful." - Pete

Läs mer om Aroeira I golfbana här »

Aroeira II golf spelad: 2019-09-21

We played this after some rain so course was slightly damp but did not hinder us. Tees were a little tatty, fairways good, greens very good. Course layout good. We had buggies but course is walk able. Quite a few dogs around but did not cause us any problems. The staff were excellent and very helpful." - Pete

Läs mer om Aroeira II golfbana här »

El Prat Yellow golf spelad: 2019-09-06

We played the pink course Excellent quality"

Läs mer om El Prat Yellow golfbana här »

CS Alamos golf spelad: 2019-09-01

Not a bad course. Would play again. Not too hard." - M Lux

Läs mer om CS Alamos golfbana här »

Escorpion golf spelad: 2019-08-23

Nikel, très bon état général, green parfait, acceuil très agréable..forte recommandation..." - Cyril angel

Läs mer om Escorpion golfbana här »

Son Antem West golf spelad: 2019-08-20

It Is August - and dry and warm/hot. We could play, and we enjoyed." - Fritzo

Läs mer om Son Antem West golfbana här »

Villaitana-Poniente golf spelad: 2019-08-15

Fairly tough course for high handicaps beginners (very hilly) and not clear directions from one tee to the next... Course needs some attention to fairways... Buggy broke down on 18th... fair distance to walk back on hot day with clubs etc,, Would recommend buggy.." - Rhona

Läs mer om Villaitana-Poniente golfbana här »

Llavaneras Golf Barcelona golf spelad: 2019-08-07

Great course with some scenic views. Staff was very friendly and though there is a language barrier communication was very easy. Fairways where nice and fluffy and greens rolled nice. Bunkers where easy to hit out of as I found many. Overall would definitely play this course again." - Richard

Läs mer om Llavaneras Golf Barcelona golfbana här »

Barcelona Masia Championship golf spelad: 2019-08-03

Course and greens in good shape. However quite a few of the bunkers were in an absolutely shocking state! Tough lay-out with many hills and slopes to tackle. Used my own push-cart and it was tough! Members seem to use electrical trolleys a lot (if not golf cart). Very helpful and friendly staff. Nice restaurant. Was directly invited to a 3-ball in front of me when catching them up the second day (first day alone on the course!). Very friendly group of members (and much better at golf than me!)." - Ulf - The golfer

Läs mer om Barcelona Masia Championship golfbana här »

Oliva Nova golf spelad: 2019-07-28

Quite nice golf course, Pro shop staff not friendly not helpfull at all Would not recommend the course to my golf friends" - Vero Huysentruyt

Läs mer om Oliva Nova golfbana här »

Santa Ponsa I golf spelad: 2019-07-09

Good course,some tricky pin positions,not too much water a great course for every level of golfer." - GMAC

Läs mer om Santa Ponsa I golfbana här »

Desert Springs golf spelad: 2019-06-15

The course was incredible.And perfect condition also.The course is challenging in a good way.Would highly recommend to friends and family."

Läs mer om Desert Springs golfbana här »

Costa Daurada golf spelad: 2019-05-31

Great value. The recent changes the the layout are for the better." - graeme

Läs mer om Costa Daurada golfbana här »

Bonmont golf spelad: 2019-05-28

Really nice course, the layout and the surroundings was excellent!"

Läs mer om Bonmont golfbana här »

Boavista golf spelad: 2019-05-11

Beautifully maintained course, greens were slick and difficult. Overall a quality if not challenging course." - Neil Burnett

Läs mer om Boavista golfbana här »

CS Morgado golf spelad: 2019-05-09

Amazing course. Very long and challenging for a high handicap golfer but wonderful lay out and well looked after. Excellent condition." - Neil Burnett

Läs mer om CS Morgado golfbana här »

Espiche golf spelad: 2019-05-09

Tuff bana om man slår lite snett, straffad direkt. Trevlig layout." - Anders Nimmerfelt

Läs mer om Espiche golfbana här »

Park Puntiro golf spelad: 2019-05-08

Banan hade både snälla och utmanande hål, breda och fina fairways blandat med smala passager. Greenerna var tyvärr luftade när vi var här som gjorde att det blev svårputtat. Jätte trevligt bemötande i shoppen. Kan absolut rekommendera denna bana." - Adde

Läs mer om Park Puntiro golfbana här »

Palmares golf spelad: 2019-05-06

En del fairways var stenhårda med väldigt lite gräs. Tråkig inramning eftersom de grävde och byggde runt och på banan." - Anders Nimmerfelt

Läs mer om Palmares golfbana här »

Canyamel golf spelad: 2019-04-29

Tough track to play for the 1st time, lots of blind holes." - Les Pringle

Läs mer om Canyamel golfbana här »

Altea Golf Club golf spelad: 2019-04-18

Kuperad bana. Inte mycket hinder. Helt utan vatten. Tyvärr var greenerna mer som än bunker än gräsmatta den dagen vi spelade." - Petra

Läs mer om Altea Golf Club golfbana här »

Marina Mojacar golf spelad: 2019-04-06

Brilliant course. Incredible views and in very good condition. Great layout with some interesting challenges." - Matt

Läs mer om Marina Mojacar golfbana här »

Saurines de la Torre golf spelad: 2019-03-25

Riktigt utmanande och rolig bana där både greener och vinden spelade stor roll. Man behöver planera sitt spel och vi tycker finishen på banan var väldigt fin. Rekommenderas varmt!" - KarlFredrik

Läs mer om Saurines de la Torre golfbana här »

Greenlife golf spelad: 2019-03-24

I like the place. We had enoth time with 3 players to go over the Fairways. I like the nature arround." - The golfer

Läs mer om Greenlife golfbana här »

Vall d´Or golf spelad: 2019-03-16

We had a wonderful day. The weahter was perfect and so the course. We will come again. the first 9 are incredible good," - Claudia Frank

Läs mer om Vall d´Or golfbana här »

Costa Teguise golf spelad: 2019-03-15

Very nice course well designed and a good challenge particularly in the usual Lanzarote wind. Nice friendly feel to the club house!" - Steve H

Läs mer om Costa Teguise golfbana här »

Son Termes golf spelad: 2019-03-14

This course is neglected and in a poor condition. there are less signs next tee and so we wondered where to go. nobody except the goats were seen. there is nobody who really cares. Did the owner leave it? what a pitty, we always enjoyed this course. but now, never again," - wolfgang

Läs mer om Son Termes golfbana här »

El Cortijo golf spelad: 2019-02-13

Skicket på golfbanan ok men skicket på range och klubbhusområdet var katastrof. Förfallet oklippt och allmänt eländigt gör att vårat sällskap aldrig mer kommer besöka denna bana" - Ulf Wänelöf

Läs mer om El Cortijo golfbana här »

Pestana Silves golf spelad: 2019-02-03

Great course and well worth playing" - Seagullbarry

Läs mer om Pestana Silves golfbana här »

Son Antem East golf spelad: 2019-01-28

Golf in January, you should adapt your expectation for the course. We enjoyed playing." - Andreas

Läs mer om Son Antem East golfbana här »

Amendoeira Faldo Course golf spelad: 2019-01-08

staff were superb course was excellent" - j deacon

Läs mer om Amendoeira Faldo Course golfbana här »

Arcos Gardens golf spelad: 2018-12-28

Very hilly, buggy recommended although buggy hire expensive at 35 euros. Course conditions are getting better year on year. Driving range very reasonable, no charge for using it just 1 Euro in the machine for about 20 balls." - Bogeyman

Läs mer om Arcos Gardens golfbana här »

Vallromanes golf spelad: 2018-12-08

Besviken på kommunikationen mellan reception och buggyutlämning. Vi hade betalatför buggy men skulle bara få en scooter, mkt trouble med detta vilket resulterade i att vi missade teetime och allt blev försenat även om vi till slut fick varsin scooter"

Läs mer om Vallromanes golfbana här »

Santo Antonio golf spelad: 2018-10-24

I really enjoyed playing at this course. I loved the layout and wonderful views to the ocean and surrounding area. It tooks time to adopt to the greens. I can suggest this course and would definetely play at San Antonio golf again." - Linlin

Läs mer om Santo Antonio golfbana här »

Lumine Hills South golf spelad: 2018-10-02

The condition of large sections of the fairways had been hollow tined and the resulting debris has not been removed hence we hadto lift and place our balls after brushing the debris to one side. Considering the price we had to pay to play this condition was dissapointing. This last comment regarding the high green fee applies to the Ruins course whose bunkers were in a disgraceful condition. (We plaled there on the 26th Sept.)"

Läs mer om Lumine Hills South golfbana här »

Lumine Ruins golf spelad: 2018-09-28

Some of the fairways had bare patches but the worst thing was the bunkers they were unplayable GUR they had been deluged in water and wete full of rivulets and stones. We picked our balls out of them and played from the side. They were an absolute disgrace." - Bob from Willaston

Läs mer om Lumine Ruins golfbana här »

Alhama Signature golf spelad: 2018-09-18

This is my second time to play the course unfortunately it was cut short due to a thunderstorm. I have yet to complete the course" - Chris Farrell

Läs mer om Alhama Signature golfbana här »

Novo Sancti Petri Course A-Sea and Pines golf spelad: 2018-09-16

Trevlig, lättsam bana. En bana för alla. Lelle."

Läs mer om Novo Sancti Petri Course A-Sea and Pines golfbana här »

VillaNueva golf spelad: 2018-08-08

Actually a very nice course for a resort. Lovely layout and design with a mix of holes to challenge every part of your game. Only issue with our visit was we went early, teeing off at 08:40. The entire course sprinklers turned off at 08:30 ish which made the front 9 a little soggy and difficult to read. Not really a negative but worth noting for those looking to get out early."

Läs mer om VillaNueva golfbana här »

Valle Guadiana Links golf spelad: 2018-07-26

Greens were in great condition, best in years. Club needs to offer coffee/food." - Al Gordon

Läs mer om Valle Guadiana Links golfbana här »

Playitas golf spelad: 2018-07-25

The caddy master Lasse was brilliant with us and started our day perfectly. Course was short but well layed out. I would definitely return, especially to say hello to Lasse 7/10" - Mark, Romiley

Läs mer om Playitas golfbana här »

Quinta do Lago South golf spelad: 2018-07-23

Fantastic golf course from start to finish! Great design, excellent condition. Also one of the best lunches ever at the Clubhouse." - MK

Läs mer om Quinta do Lago South golfbana här »

Quinta do Lago Laranjal golf spelad: 2018-07-21

Great condition, nice design. Maybe a bit tight between the holes, and IT seems like they let a lot of players play the Course (We started off the 10th tee). But over all a fantastic golf course! Will play again." - MK

Läs mer om Quinta do Lago Laranjal golfbana här »

La Manga West golf spelad: 2018-06-30

Challenging and beautiful course, very well maintained. Unforgettable!" - Peebles

Läs mer om La Manga West golfbana här »

Quinta do Lago North golf spelad: 2018-06-08

Our first time on this course. We will definitely return. The condition of greens, tees, fairways and bunkers reflect the very significant investment made in recent years. A wonderful golf experience. Accessible to all standards of golfer. A tip. Make sure you use a buggy. Some of the walks between greens and tees are very long. Directions can also be confusing, so keep a close watch on where you are going. Otherwise brilliant! " - Clive

Läs mer om Quinta do Lago North golfbana här »

La Envia golf spelad: 2018-06-07

course spot on staff very friendly, new grip fitted only 15 euros, great course,"

Läs mer om La Envia golfbana här »

Las Brisas golf spelad: 2018-05-10

Magnifik bana, grym kvalite och miljö!" - Niklas

Läs mer om Las Brisas golfbana här »

Quinta da Marinha golf spelad: 2018-04-13

Many crossings of paths and Fairways. Conditions were ok after heavy Rains the days before. Quite short ways between greens and tees , quite crowded and due to cross-traffic a bit confusing. Compared with the prices of other courses to expensive."

Läs mer om Quinta da Marinha golfbana här »

Penha Longa Atlantic Championship golf spelad: 2018-04-12

A very interesting and demanding course for an average golfer. highly recommnded" - Keith

Läs mer om Penha Longa Atlantic Championship golfbana här »

Campano golf spelad: 2018-03-28

Most players were local which was ok. Nice course different 9 holes. Feels like holiday." - Pink Panther

Läs mer om Campano golfbana här »

Sancti Petri Hills golf spelad: 2018-03-27

Nice course. Interesting holes. Fun to play." - Pink Panther

Läs mer om Sancti Petri Hills golfbana här »

PGA Stadium golf spelad: 2018-02-22

second time we play this wonderful course, i can say only good things about it !! highly recommended" - walter

Läs mer om PGA Stadium golfbana här »

Jandia golf spelad: 2018-01-08

Mycket trevlig och utmanande, synd att de inte har samarbete med hotellet Jandia golf"

Läs mer om Jandia golfbana här »

Almerimar golf spelad: 2017-11-03

Course was reasonable for mid to high handicaps, generally in good condition. The layout is of three 9 holes which means you could play three different rounds easily. Very pleasant surroundings. A few holes that would give you a challenge. Service in shop and restaurants was good. Overall a pleasant experience, would play again, especially as there are 27 holes." - Bandit

Läs mer om Almerimar golfbana här »

Lorca golf spelad: 2017-10-07

Course would be challenging for high handicapper with some long carries over revines Open fairways and good views of every green. Good Buggy access around the fairways Slow greens but in good condition" - Andrew

Läs mer om Lorca golfbana här »

Sherry golf spelad: 2017-10-03

6200 m from yellow tees is a challange for mid handicapers like me, but the couse is fair and the Par 3 are not so long so good chances to play Pars.Very friendly receiption and German speaking."

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Lumine Lakes North golf spelad: 2017-09-26

Very good course, but insufficient buggies"

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Pestana Beloura golf spelad: 2017-06-05

All the facilities were first class. The course was in good condition, interesting surroundings, not challenging but fair and enjoyable for the average golfer. At the price, a bargain." - Ray Gardner

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Benamor golf spelad: 2017-02-22

Nice, short and tricky! Hole 10 - wonderful hole!" - Astor Christoffersson

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Reus Aiguesverds golf spelad: 2016-10-15

A lovely laid out course nice and flat which makes it easy to get around the course was in great condition" - Kilkenny lad

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Novo Sancti Petri Course B-Centre golf spelad: 2016-10-09

Excellent course, but greenfee a bit too high." - Etienne

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Nuevo Portil golf spelad: 2016-09-21

Tight fairways with woods and scrubland either side, through a housing estate. Greens in poor condition. Long walks green to tee. It is OK but would not go out of my way to play again" - David

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Pine Cliffs golf spelad: 2016-06-14

I thought the overall layout of each tee was excellent. We enjoyed our round and I was able to improve my standard. I could not really find anything adverse about the course. Thank you." - David Selfe

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Tramores golf spelad: 2016-04-16

It a funny course: for good golfers good practice and for beginners very relaxing.I would not play a tournament there. The surroundings are mostly villas and gardens, very quite."

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El Prat Pink golf spelad: 2016-04-04

Except the green was a bit fast to me, all the rest are excellent."

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Castro Marim golf spelad: 2015-08-29

requires to give a fair bit of thoughts where one wants to land from the tee. Elevated greens need right choice of club otherwise very costly. Some of the holes are quite demanding like number 4 nad 6 of Guardiana course. " - peter hing

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Isla Canela golf spelad: 2015-04-19

The course is well laid out with good fairways,well filled bunkers and excellent greens making your putter work hard to get those pars and birdies."

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Montanya golf spelad: 2014-09-11

Naturskön bana högt upp i bergen, backig och vagn rekommenderas. utmanade hål Hål 1 med utslag över ravin är en favorit, vacker och bra slag belönas Bra speltempo. " - Janne

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Emporda Links golf spelad: 2014-05-14

A good mixture of holes links and forest. A very picturesque course." - golferman

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Son Parc golf spelad: 2013-09-26

Greenerna för mjuka, borde dressas mer med sand. Bunkrarna var hårda och det fanns nästan ingen sand i dessa. Range bollar hårda som sten borde bytas oftare. För lite utrustning i shoopen. Vacker omgivning med mycket träd som kom i spel. Hål 4 (par 4) mycket vackert med en smal passage vid utslag. Hål 8 (par 3) fodrar ett bra utspel för att pricka green. Tyvärr ett par dolda hål, Men i stort en mycket trevlig bana med trevlig personal." - elaswen Sweden

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Quinta da Ria golf spelad: 2013-08-08

Very good holiday course with many interesting holes. Excellent tees (better than many greens) and thick fringes are a real test. A bit more sans required in a few greenside bunkers." - slack

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Belas Clube golf spelad: 2013-07-25

The course was in a very dry condition, with bad maintenence. There are plenty if other good cources to play. Stay away from this one. " - Espen

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Benalup Fairplay golf spelad: 2013-02-20

This a good course set in glorious country. There are some excellent holes.After heavy rain,the greens were slow and the bunkers unraked, understandably. My one criticism of the course; too many artificial ponds with exposed ugly plactic linings." - Peter Lockwood.

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La Roca golf spelad: 2013-01-23

Nice course, but fair to play. Bunkers were - due to the rai over night - not in a good condition. Some fairways with water. All in all I would recommend this course to others." - Ralf

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Foressos golf spelad: 2011-10-07

We were sent an email the day before our tee off day. Too late. Was unaware until we got to Foressos at 1pm. Very apologetic young lady explained that the course had suffered from heat and lack of water and as a result was diseased. That added to the severe spiking of the tees, no water in the lakes, and regular saturation on the fairways (from what? Leaking irrigation pipes maybe?). All in all it did not present well at all and was the worst looking course we have played in 5 years of Spanish trips. That said, we had the buggies at a small discount, free pitch repairers and course guides, so Maria Wasserstein certainly trying to appease us." - The heavyweights captain

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Quinta de Cima golf spelad: 2011-09-07

The course was in super condition it offers a great test of your game. The par 4s and 5s are all long, good tee shots on the fairways are essential.We would recommend a buggy for this course even though it is flat, the day we played it was 38C. Quinta da Cima does not have the views of its sister course Quinta da Ria, yetr is a stunning place to play. Memorable hole is 18, a long accurate tee shot over a stream, you then have the option to lay up or play a 3 wood to a green gurded by water all down the left hand side."

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